Oil filtration


Proper transformer oil conditioning has become an important factor in production, commissioning, repair and overhaul of transformers. The transformer oil electric properties resp., it's puncture strenght, insulating resistivity and loss coefficient, depend considerably on the moisture and gas content in the insulating oil. The oxygen conent has influence on the aging process resp., on oxidation, which results in an increased loss coefficient and in deposit formation. The majority of transformer's breakdowns and downtimes are caused by bad oil condition.


We produce

Transformer oil filtration, degasification and drying units with capacities from 1000 up to 12000 l/h

“KONDIĆ” creates several types of systems for:

- oil drying (separation of free and dissolved water),
- separation of gases from oil, and
- oil filtration for separation of impurities, fibres and metal particles.

Our Units, depending of their type, are cheaper up to 50% of foreign producers, thereby excluding any transportation costs, duties and other cost.

vertikalne centrifugalne stapne pumpe

Brief job description

All essential parts of the Unit (vacuum pump, gear pump, electromagnetic valve and floater) are produced by leading German manufacturers. Some of the components (such as fine and coarse filters, temperature control, construction of the heaters, gear pump) had to be modified to improve the operation of the Unit and to eliminate shortcomings noticed in the operation of some other machines of this kind.

Decontamination of PCB contaminated equipment is performed on‐site using Institute Nikola Tesla patented technology („Process for simulatenous removal of polychlorinated byphenyls, anticorrosive desulphurization and regeneration of mineral insulating oils“). High level of PCB reduction, down to 1 ppm is achieved by this process. After PCB decontamination, equipment and oil are used again. Developed Technology complies with Best Available Technology (BAT) and Best Environmental Practice (BEP) recommendations. Capacity of the mobile unit is from 1.5 to 3 tons per day.

vertikalne centrifugalne stapne pumpe